The Academy at Penguin Hall is an independent all-girls secondary school. Our mission is to educate, enlighten, and empower young women to live and lead exemplary lives and blaze trails wherever they go.

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With an outstanding education and curriculum rooted in inquiry-based learning, critical thinking and collaboration, students are prepared to address real-world challenges, advocate for their ideas, and think for themselves in innovative ways.

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Marietta ’19 shares her academic experience at Penguin Hall.

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The Top Three Reasons to Transfer to Penguin Hall

Change is not always easy and starting something new is full of unknowns. But more often than not, change is worth it and can open the door to greater opportunities! At APH, you have the ability to blaze your own trail.   During this time of great uncertainty for schools, parents and students need an academic institution they can rely on--one that prioritizes engaging education, health and safety, and the overall physical, mental, and emotional well-being for students. 

A Prayer for Peace: Reflections from President Molly Martins

Our country is in the midst of two pandemics. One has taken hold of us for over a year. And the other pandemic has had its roots in our nation for far longer than it should: racism. As I searched for words to share with you this morning, I was reminded of a sermon of Peace and Hope given by the Late Honorable John Lewis of Georgia on January 17, 1999 at the National Cathedral in Washington DC.