Programming Dancing Robots?!?

In Craig Gorton’s Robotics class, six students are hard at work writing code using a program called Arduino to control robots. After moving from simple tasks to more complicated maneuvers such as completing a maze, the girls completed their greatest challenge yet: programming the robots to perform a choreographed dance together.

Celebrating the Life of a Poet Who Defied Convention

On an early, cool fall morning, eighteen students gathered to embark on a field trip to Steepletop, the home of poet Edna St. Vincent Millay. Each girl had her own unique reasons for being willing to spend a whole Saturday traveling 163 miles each way to Austerlitz, New York to visit Millay’s home and grounds but the common thread they all shared was an eagerness to learn more about the Pulitzer Prize winning poet and thoroughly modern woman.

Meeting Peter the Great in His Own Language

Through Introduction to Russian Language and History, an elective course taught by Mary Richards, students are learning about the people and forces that have shaped Russian culture and daily life. After several classes where they explored the life of Peter the Great, now the students are each researching the life of a Russian historical figure of their choice as part of a multiphase biography project.

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