Bringing Women’s Lives Out of the Shadows of History

In a unique class called Out of the Shadows, students are learning about the lives of enslaved women in New England and the South. Under the guidance of faculty member Dr. Linda Meditz, the students are learning about several “hidden” women in Massachusetts including Lucy Foster who was enslaved in Andover. Their proposal to erect a gravestone in Lucy's honor has been approved by the Board of the South Church at Andover and is now moving forward.

Fall 2018 Sports Season Recap

The Academy at Penguin Hall Athletics teams had a strong Fall 2018 season. All four teams (soccer, cross country, volleyball, and field hockey) made great strides throughout the season, with each team improving their skills and ability to play well together. Coaches and athletes from other schools frequently commented on how our student-athletes are both competitive and kind.

Expressing Creativity through Choreography

When you see a dancer performing with passion, it is truly mesmerizing. Each movement, gesture, and facial expression can convey so much. In Taunia Soderquist’s Choreography class, seven students are learning the power and grace of dancing individually and as a group. We look forward to seeing this talented group of young women perform their final choreography projects at the Winter Concert on December 14th!

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