Covid Response

2020-2021 Academic Year

Penguin Hall’s implementation of a hybrid model with a full five-day-a-week schedule allows students to engage in classes in real time on campus and from home. This hybrid model creates an equal experience for excellence in teaching and learning as well as giving our students the community they need. Each group will spend an equal amount of time being on-campus as well as remote. If you have any questions about APH’s health and safety protocols, please contact

To ensure an equitable experience of teaching and learning and to provide structure for students at home, APH has installed Zoom Room technology in our classrooms. Zoom Room technology creates the possibility for students to engage in class, in real time, using the Zoom platform. Students at home have full access to all learning resources that are shared with students in the physical classroom and will still receive Penguin Hall’s rigorous, interdisciplinary education.

The installation of Zoom Room technology allows us to offer a five-day-a-week class schedule and does not require teachers to complete both in class and asynchronous learning experiences for students.

Students are split into two cohorts: Cohort 1 and Cohort 2. They switch between on-campus learning and at-home learning every week, with Cohort 1 containing the First-years and Juniors and Cohort 2 containing the Sophomores and Seniors. Each group has a full five-day week of instruction, and at the end of the quarter, has been on campus and at home for an equal amount of time.

Students can elect to be fully in-person or fully remote.

Penguin Hall 2020-2021 Hybrid Schedule

Penguin Hall has developed plans should it become necessary to transition to a fully remote model, or if it becomes safe enough to move into a modified in-person or fully traditional model.

Town Hall Meetings

As way to keep lines of communication open between APH and parents, Penguin Hall has hosted virtual Town Hall Meetings to discuss ongoing protocols to keep our community safe, share feedback and answer questions. Watch our two previous town halls below:

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