Kat Clarke

9th and 10th Grade Life Coordinator, School Counselor
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Kat Clarke joins The Academy as the 9th and 10th Grade Life Coordinator. She brings enthusiasm, creativity, and authenticity to her work with students, and is so excited to begin working with First Year and Sophomore students to fortify a culture of kindness and belonging in their first years at the Academy.

Kat’s love for all girls education began when she attended Georgetown Visitation, an all girls high school in Washington, DC. She cites her time at Visitation as integral in helping her to find her voice and to develop lifelong friendships. She believes that an all girls education serves as a key foundation for creating generations of confident women who will change the world.

After graduating from Boston College, Kat served as a full-time volunteer at Cristo Rey New York High School in East Harlem, New York City. During her time at Cristo Rey, Kat worked both as a College Counselor and as a Special Events Manager. After finishing her volunteer program, Kat returned to Boston College, where she recently completed a three-year dual-degree program in Social Work and Theology and Ministry. She also worked as the Project Coordinator for the Racial Reconciliation and Healing Project.

Outside of working with students, Kat loves reading and exercising. A former spin instructor, Kat loves exploring different types of fitness classes, usually bringing her friends and sisters with her. Kat lives in Somerville with two of her three sisters (who happen to be triplets).

Kat Clarke holds a Master of Arts in Theology and Ministry, as well as a Master of Social Work from Boston College. She also holds a BA in English from Boston College.