Nicolette Gable

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How does the APH teaching philosophy look in your classroom?

I believe that education is not a pouring in of information, but a drawing out. It’s a collaboration between the students and the teachers in which everyone’s identity and experience matters. Classrooms provide a place for us to understand ourselves and our world where we can feel free to imagine new ways, new paths, new worlds. 

What excites you about The Academy at Penguin Hall?

I’m so excited to be in a community that values innovative and engaged teaching. I was drawn here because of the way that classes interconnect and because students and teachers have the freedom to follow their intellectual curiosity. Most of all, I’m excited by the students and their active role in helping shape the courses we create.

Share something interesting about yourself.

When I can, I like to relax by reading science fiction and fantasy. Since I was little I’ve loved anything with dragons or unicorns! 

Nicolette has a BA in History from Haverford College and an MA and PhD in American Studies from The College of William and Mary.