Leadership has always been a core tenet of our curriculum, so when Julie Carrier approached us to partner together for a course in leadership, it was without hesitation that we said “Let’s do this!” Julie is recognized as the “#1 Coach for Young Women” by Leading Global Coaches/Thinkers 50 and is a trusted authority on leadership development and confidence for girls and young women worldwide. 

The APH Leadership Course

is the first-ever four-year applied neuroscience academic leadership curriculum for high school girls taught during the academic school day and is delivered within a best-practice leadership development framework that engages faculty (as certified in-school Leadership Coaches) and students both as leaders and learners.

“The program was designed, and continues to be advised by, professors from Harvard University; The U.S. Military Academy at West Point; The Center on Leadership & Ethics at Duke University; Tufts University; and the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University; as well as other leading education experts and experts in gender-based leadership development.

The program tailors leading corporate leadership development best practices, guided by gender-specific research on the needs of girls and positive youth development, to deliver a curriculum that includes:

  • The neuroscience of confidence
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome
  • Character strengths
  • Leadership identity
  • Leading effective teams
  • Public speaking mastery
  • Developing a growth mindset”1.

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Over the last few weeks, Julie has met with faculty, staff members and students to introduce herself and the program. Within three engaging sessions, Julie gave an in-depth look into what the Leadership Course entails and how faculty will work alongside designated Leadership Coaches to intertwine both curriculum from the course and their own syllabus. 

Dr. Carol Kauffman, Founder of the Institute of Coaching at Harvard Medical School and Leadership Course Advisor, joined in virtually to share about the evolution of leadership from command and control to newer approaches that include character-based leadership. Leadership for the future calls for authentic leadership.

As Orientation began in full swing, students were given the opportunity to hear from Julie herself. Using interactive illustrations and socially distant exercises, Julie showed students the power of self-perception and self-worth, the incredible value each of them hold, and the bright futures they each possess. Now, during our first week of classes, students have dove into this ground-breaking curriculum at APH. 

As for Julie Carrier, her enthusiasm and excitement are infectious! She says “The Academy at Penguin Hall is the incredible girls school because of the incredible leadership team, faculty and staff. It is an honor to be part of such an extraordinary APH team as we equip and support the students at APH with a truly world-class education. President Molly Martins has made leadership development part of the DNA of APH and is leading the way for what girls’ education can be!” 

With “clappers” in hand Julie leads students and staff in applauding themselves and each other and recognizing the authentic and fearless leader in us all.