At Penguin Hall, girls are seen, heard, and challenged.

They build relationships that last a lifetime.

In a single-gender setting, girls are more willing to take risks and set more ambitious educational goals. They simultaneously learn to become supportive of each other and more competitive. And, the friendships that girls form with students and teachers are meaningful, often lifelong connections. Students at The Academy at Penguin Hall learn the skills they need to succeed in an atmosphere that supports their intellectual, social, athletic, and personal growth.

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Support for single-gender education is also backed by data. The Higher Education Research Institute has reported that single-gender education for girls yields superior academic accomplishment, superior socio-emotional development, improved test scores and better long term indicators for success, as compared with co-ed schooling.

  • Girls are 6x more likely to consider a STEM major than peers from co-ed schools.
  • Nearly 80% of girls’ school graduates played competitive sports during high school.
  • Girls average 15-22% higher score on standardized tests than their peers in co-ed schools.
  • 25% of female representatives in Congress are graduates of a girls school (less than 1% of girls in the U.S. attend a single-gender school).
  • One third of female corporate board members of Fortune 500 companies are girls’ school graduates.

Statistics from the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools, including a 2000 and 2005 study conducted for NCGS by the Goodman Research Group of Cambridge, Massachusetts.